INESI testifies in the Committee of Natural Resources of the United States’s House of Representatives Hearing


On April 9th 2019, Dr. Cecilio Ortiz García and Dr. Marla Pérez Lugo whom are part of INESI’s steering committee were present in the National Resources Committee Hearing of the House of Representatives on The Status of the ‘Rebuilding and Privatization of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’, (PREPA) in the Longworth House Office Building in Washington DC. The hearing was presided by Hon. Raul Grijalva.

Dr. Marla Pérez Lugo’s Oral Testimony

Dr. Marla Pérez Lugo’s Testimony

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After the first panel discussion, Dr. Pérez Lugo was interviewed by Alexandra Lúgaro, Puerto Rican politician and radio host of Radio Isla 1320’s “El Destape”. During the interview they discussed the main points of the first panel discussion as well as the receptiveness of committee members to the testimonies.

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