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Stakeholder Forum

What is the Stakeholder Forum?

The Stakeholder Forum of Energy is a deliberative multi and transectoral space of dialogue with representatives in all the social sectors interested in energy issues, including: community groups, non- governmental organizations, syndicates, professional associations and public agencies, among others. The function of this space is to promote the broad participation and contextualize the country’s energy discussion. It also seeks to identify information and research needs for decision making. In this section you will find the information and publications related to Stakeholder Meetings.

Alternate Energy: Proposal for a Feasibility Study of Small Modular Reactors on the Island

Presentation for Nuclear Alternative Project on the 17th Constituent Forum. 17mo Foro de Constituyentes - NAP

Small Modular reactors in Puerto Rico? Caveat Emptor

Dr. Arjun Makhijani's presentation for the 17th Constituent Forum Arjun Makhijani presentation on SMRs 13 March 2019 final