Saturday, September 18, 2021
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The National Institute of Energy and Island Sustainability (INESI) is a multidisciplinary and multi - campus institute of the University of Puerto Rico that seeks to insert the academic community in a more effective manner to the country’s public energy policy and in the resolution of energy and sustainability problems using empirical research and academic knowledge as a basis.

The INESI online platform is proposed as a tool to promote interdisciplinary collaboration on energy and sustainability issues within our island context and the identification of UPR system resources for assistance to community groups, government agencies, private companies, the press, and others sectors in Puerto Rican society.

About Us

The INESI network currently consists of 70 resources distributed among the 11 precincts of the University of Puerto Rico.


An energetically sustainable, autonomous and resilient Puerto Rico, with fair and transparent decision-making processes, and citizens capable of participating actively in them through adaptive and collaborative learning.


Improve the quality of life of Puerto Rican society by promoting inter and transdisciplinary energy research and effectively inserting the research, application, training and service resources of the Puerto Rican academy into public energy policy.


Jardin Botánico Norte 1187, Calle Flamboyán, 00926-117 San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In addition to our central office, we have liaison offices in the 11 precincts of the UPR.